NABE Accomplishments 2009-2012


Since 1972, the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), a national professional organization, incorporated in Washington, D.C. represented by 25 state affiliates of over 3,500 Bilingual Education professionals

  • Hired new Executive Director and a Conference Coordinator on retainer to provide strong organizational leadership and support for its members and affiliates, including strong sustained advocacy in D.C. for Bilingual Education policy and partnership development.
  • Downsized personnel and relocated the national office from Washington, D.C. to a more cost effective facility in Silver Springs, MD, saving NABE over $100,000 annually!

  • Paid off all outstanding debts to preserve financial integrity of the institution.

  • Implemented series of cost containment and revenue enhancement measures by renegotiating or eliminating all long term contracts to stabilize NABE's financial position.

  • Upgraded obsolete and non-functional office equipment and IT services in the national   office for better support to membership, sponsors and exhibitors.

  • Enriched NABE's website with more interactive services for members (Multiview Bilingual Education Marketplace Portal, BRJ online, Boxwood Jobs Board, Facebook, and Twitter).

  • Created and submitted a clear NABE National Education Plan for ELLs to the U. S. Department of Education outlining quality instruction, programs and assessments, and disseminated this plan to many legislators, as well.

  • Submitted a NABE White Paper to the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) outlining research, best practices and sound policy for effectively educating ELLs.

  • Created a NABE National Action Plan designed to organize our national cause and unite with other national organizations and with NABE Affiliates with the common goal of improving the lives of minority children and families.

  • Launched a "new automated registration system" to support conferences and our membership.

  • Launched a "new online conference proposal" submission process to more effectively serve our members and the field.

  • Developed a Long term Strategic Plan for the organization.

  • Developed a new Board Policy Manual to support consistent protocol for conducting business of the organization.
  • Board members are providing strong leadership support and administrative direction for the organization to insure transparency and relevance with its membership base.

  • Hired corporate fund raising consultant on retainer to establish a corporate and foundation giving strategy to cultivate and to pursue major corporate partnership relations and grants.

  • Use of local vendors and sponsors whenever possible for all contracted conference needs to contain costs.
  • Restructured the annual conferences to be more responsive to the needs of members, sponsors and exhibitors by inviting prominent, international speakers and presenters.

  • Developed stronger and expanded partnerships with other education organization such as Hispanic Education Coalition (26 institutions) including NABE, TESOL, MALDEF, LULAC, NALEO, AFT, HSHPS and many others.

  • NABE serves on the President’s Initiative to Improve Education Excellence for Hispanic Americans, OELA’s advisory committee, and other policy and advocacy groups in Washington, D.C.

  • Expanded the sponsorship and exhibitors support with its education publishers and corporate supporters.
  • Provided strong advocacy effort by participating in meeting at the US Department of Education (USDOE) and with members of the United States Congress to voice strong support for bilingual education programs and native language assessments regarding the reauthorization of ESEA, America’s Job Act and the Workforce Investment Act, (WIA).

  • NABE joined many other civil rights and consumer rights groups in condemning the actions of Governors of Alabama, Arizona and Mississippi for mean-spirited, anti-immigrant legislation and policies that seriously affects students, teachers and parents.

  • Provided countless letters of strong support for leaders across the country who have taken bold steps to implement statewide or district-wide dual language or biliteracy programs in their schools and to support bilingual student’s rights such as Governor Jerry Brown of California who signed the first “Dream Act” legislation in the nation.  Included are Superintendents Danna T. Bedden from Irving ISD, TX, Gustavo Balderas from Madera USD, CA; Trustee Susan Alvaro from San Mateo County BOE, CA and Shelly Spiegel-Coleman of Californians Together who launched the “Seal of Biliteracy”

  • Successfully negotiated multi-year hotel contracts to bring the next NABE annual conferences to Disney Orlando in 2013; San Diego Convention Center in 2014; and Reno in 2015.

  • NABE has engaged PRTESOL to explore a partnership that would offer joint “Dual Language” Summer Institutes in Puerto Rico beginning in 2013, thus re-engaging NABE’s presence once again in Puerto Rico.

  • NABE Board members and Executive Director have presented at various national and international conferences to share and to learn about the most effective dual language programs, common core standards, effective bilingual education professional development models and English language proficiency strategies in setting academic progress for proficiency expectations.

  • NABE is very proud to have enlisted the (SIG) advocacy committee, state affiliates and allies to engage in a strong advocacy campaign across the nation to defeat ESEA legislation that would have been damaging to the bilingual education field and ELLs.

  • NABE has a balanced budget for FY 2011-12 and will continue its focus on cost containment and revenue enhancement.


Proven Results

Over the past four decades, NABE has proudly provided more than 50 thousand hours of professional development and leadership training in bilingual education, biliteracy, multicultural competency and instructional leadership at its annual international conferences. In addition, NABE has provided invaluable scholarly research and practice in the field through the Bilingual Research Journal (BRJ) and the NABE Perspective (NEWS). NABE has supported and advocated for some 100 Title VII Fellows currently serving as education leaders across the nation.  NABE has provided over 500 student and teacher scholarships and recognition awards and numerous hours of parent education and special interest group (SIG) training.

Over the decades, NABE has recognized some of the most distinguished international and domestic presenters, legislators, parents and community members for their on-going commitment and contributions to improving the education for bilingual learners.  NABE proudly honors and recognizes the important economic and education value that our nation’s immigrant population contributes to the well-being and dynamic strength of our nation.  NABE encourages all public, private, non-governmental, and corporate and foundation groups to join in this vision of education excellence in making our students the most globally competitive that will out-educate, out-innovate and out-compete the rest of the world.


New Opportunities

NABE is proud of its 40 year tradition of promoting and supporting high quality and equitable education for bilingual learners by advancing legislation and policies at the federal and state levels that best serve bilingual learners. NABE partners with its state affiliates and other education groups to promote bilingual education programs and a visionary agenda that prepares our nation’s students to be fluently bilingual, technologically creative, globally competitive and well-rounded world citizens. NABE will continue to provide strong leadership for passage of a national “Dream Act” and a children and family sensitive immigration legislation.  NABE will continue to seek partners at the K-16 levels to jointly pursue Federal and State grants for collaborative work in curriculum development and professional development in Early Learning, STEMS, student academic scholarships, and travel abroad professional development institutes for teachers.  NABE believes that fostering a greater cooperation with corporate America will ensure that the mission of NABE is achieved.  NABE will promote innovative activities and partnerships at its annual conferences like a virtual bookstore that promotes new authors, publishers via webinars.  NABE will pursue offering intensive dual language summer institutes across the country to support affiliates in various regions. NABE will focus on supporting affiliates and chapter presidents by attending their annual conferences and partnering on writing joint proposals for professional development and support for parents.

NABE is your national organization that is respected and recognized in Washington, D.C. and in many of the political and policy circles.  NABE also enjoys a broad network of colleagues and advocates that will provide corporate America with the information and expertise that is needed to prepare students for a lifetime of successful learning.  Together, we can turn goals into reality.



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